Christian Help for Pornography Addiction - Conquering Goliath

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Those in torment are looking for Christian help for pornography addiction because it is a life altering drug. Make no mistake that pornography is a drug with withdrawal symptoms mimicking those of a crack addict. The only answer to conquering this Goliath is help from God to deliver us from evil.

You Are Not Alone

The first step to breaking free from this sin of lust is to not despair and want to fall into the trap of thinking that you are a slave for life. There are countless good Christian men who have been addicted to pornography and overcame their addictions which make for abundant evidence that pornography does NOT own you. Another encouraging fact is that while pornography seriously alters the way the brain performs it also will recover over time. The road to get there will involve physical suffering and discomfort from withdrawals. The best thing to do is offer up your suffering to God so that he might take your pain and use it to heal this world. God will not allow you to endure without finding a good use for it.

Through the pain we endure we begin to open our hearts to humility. The great theologian St Thomas Aquinas stated: "God often withholds grace from us and lets us fall into obvious sin in order to prevent our more calamitous fall into the more subtle and more serious sin of pride and self-satisfaction." There is no shame in failing but only in not trying again. From this humility we turn to God knowing that we cannot conquer pornography on our own. This is almost impossible because our bodies are filled with carnal, pleasure seeking attitudes while God seeks truth above all things. Subsequently falling before God and admitting we are helpless is vital to the recovery process.

The Truth and Nothing But

Extreme, upfront honesty is paramount in order to break free from the chains of pornography. Maybe you have seen addicts with alcohol or eating tell themselves that they can stop anytime they want and of course that day never comes. They are not honest with themselves and until this stage is passed recovery cannot begin. A person must be complete and totally upfront and admit that pornography is a problem and has the potential to ruin lives. Sociological research shows that many serial killers all share a pornography addiction. The problem can become that severe. A man must admit he is addicted and that it prevents him from becoming the wonderful person that God intended. There can be no lies that "it's not that big a deal" or the mind will accept the fact that pornography and a healthy life can exist side by side when it clearly cannot.

The tools needed to conquer pornography are at your disposal right now. The first is to turn away from sin and if one is Catholic than there needs to be a desire to confess to a priest. Those not of the Catholic denomination please act in accordance with your church's doctrine for turning away from sin and reconciling with Christ. The next tool is the extreme power of prayer. Set time aside each day to pray as if your life depended on it. Next, fasting is the tormentor of the devil and an invitation to the Holy Spirit. Those who abstain and deprive their bodies of the necessity of food stand a much better chance of conquering their addiction. This is not an easy step as every person loves to eat but this discipline puts a man in accordance with their goals to turn away from sin.

In Conclusion

Christian help for pornography addiction is available to those who turn to God and commit themselves to changing their lives. The path is hard but with God's help, prayer, and fasting this demon can be conquered and countless have done it before and so can you.

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