Learning Guitar Chords: A 3 Step Process to Master the Changes to Any Song

1) The first step is to pick out which chords you are going to learn.
You only want to pick out three chords to work on at any time. If you pick too many you will not be able to make progress at a quick pace and may become frustrated. If you pick too few to work on you will also not make progress quickly as you will be focusing on the chords out of context and will not learn how to make the transitions between chords. So pick 3 at a time

You will want to work on these chords every day. For at least a week these will be the only three chords you are going to practice. Your progress at this point will be directly linked to how well you have practiced these chords. You will want to work on them with a metronome set to a tempo that is slow enough that you can make the changes. Make sure you repeat the progression at least twenty times a day.

2) Start Fresh Everyday
This will require a bit of an explanation. If you seriously follow the steps outlined above at the end of each session you should be able to make the transitions between chords fairly easily. This is because your fingers have been repeating the changes over and over again and are starting to develop a muscle memory of the actions required. But when you start out the next day, your hands will be cold and unable to efficiently move between chords. You will need to warm them up in order to make progress. What I suggest is that you take a few minutes to let your fingers fall into the chord forms you will be practicing in a natural manner. Hold each chord for a few seconds or more, and then form the next chord. This should all be done out of time, with no concern for strumming the chord.

When your hands start to warm up a bit, you can then turn on the metronome at a very slow tempo and begin working on the changes between each chord until you reach the tempo you stopped at on the day before.

3) Only Work on the Chords to Songs You Like
While this might seem common sense to some people, it really is not. Finding the chord chart to your favorite song and working on it three chords at a time will greatly speed up your progress as a guitarist. Not only will you be motivated to keep practicing due to the fact that you are learning real music, you will also be learning how chords fit together to form good progressions.

The absolute most important thing you can do to insure that you are learning guitar chords well is to follow a proven program of instruction. Make sure that any program you follow is organized, easy and step by step. This is what I mean by the best way to learn guitar chords

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